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  • Continuously focused on growing a global network of professionals, dedicated to quality, and the development of mission specific equipment. We are a Federal Firearms Licensed Manufacturer (07FFL/SOT) based out of Las Vegas Nevada. Certified armorer for the M4/M16, FN SCAR, MK13, AKM/AK47, MK46, MK48, and several other platforms currently in military and LE use around the world.

  • Glock work

  • Frame

    The frame package applies to the frame only and includes:

    -Removing the finger grooves

    -Relieving material under the trigger guard

    -Reducing the backstrap

    -360 degree retexture

    Price $299

    Deep Carry

    The deep carry package is for those looking to keep a full sight radius but desire a smaller and more concealable grip. It includes everything in the "Grip Package" with the addition of the grip being cut down to accept a shorter magazine. For example, a Glock 17 that accepts Glock 19 magazines (Pictured).

    -Price $375


    EDG Full

    This package includes standard EDG grip work, with the addition of, machining front cocking serrations into the slide.

    Slide is also Cerakoted in any of the solid colors we offer.

    -Price $499


    EDG Signature


    Price $699

  • New For 2022:


    - EDG Custom AK grips

    - EDG Shirts and new stickers

    - Military/Law Enforcement charity fundraisers



    Growing a global network of professionals, dedicated to quality.

    Evolution Defense Group Ltd.

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